Musing Mondays: June 4

Musing Mondays is a weekly meme hosted by MizB over at Should Be Reading! This week’s musing asks…

“Do you have a reading goal for the year, such as __ books? Why or why not?”

As of now, I have no exact numbers I want to hit, because I believe that books come and go. Quality presides over quantity in my case, and I’d want to fall in love with a book that catches my eye and make me flip its delicate pages with care, no strings attached!

When I pick up a new book, I’d rather ask myself, “Will I love this book?”, rather than make shrewd calculations of “Will this contribute to the ___ books I have to read?”. I take reading as a hobby and an enjoyment so no, I won’t bound myself to a few meaningless numbers. Surely, some will leave a deep impression on me but at the end of the day, the numbers don’t matter. Just keep the books coming in! :)

What’s your reading goal?


34 thoughts on “Musing Mondays: June 4

  1. Hello Alicia.
    I am sort of addicted to buying books, so at any given yime I have more books and ebooks than I can hope to finish in 6 months. then i just buy some more.
    i don’t let that bother me. it gives me the wonderful freedom to just pick out a book from a pile and be surprised with what i get :)
    Loved your blog. You are doing such a great job. Following you now!

    Please do visit my book blog, and if you like it, please do follow back!

    • Haha, I understand how that feels! Every time I browse the net or go to a mall, I’ll have to try VERY HARD to resist the urge of splurging on books! I do love that freedom too, it makes me feel I’m the king of the world! Just joking xP Thanks for the follow, you have a lovely blog too!

  2. I have a reading goal of 50 books, which is pretty conservative. But I make sure I don’t read just for the sake of fulfilling a quota. But it helps that I have a very long list of books I’d LOVE to read :)

    • What pains me most is seeing how many people read books just for the sake of fulfilling review requests or totaling up their numbers, I feel that loses the spirit of reading! I’m so glad to know that you have many lovely books waiting for you, hope you’ll get to them one by one! :)

  3. I don’t have a reading goal, I read for entertainment. Goals are to stressful… For the last few years I have been keeping track of the books I read, because, I found myself buying books I had already read, only realizing it later when I started reading the books. I sometimes accept books by the authors for an honest review in return, but I haven’t done that for a while now, because it is to stressful, and I feel like I am back in school writing book reports/reviews.
    A big thank you for stopping by for a visit today.

    • Goals and reviews due do feel like an impending doom sometimes!! >.< Whoa, I haven't reached the state of forgetting books that I've read before because I'll always try to find a special attribute for each and every book to make them memorable :) Thanks for visiting too!

    • True that, but keeping my hopes up for a book has been a feeling I’ve always enjoyed, may not necessarily be your cup of tea though! I have come across cases when the I thought the book was going to totally disappoint me but it turns out to be a masterpiece! ;)

    • That’s great to hear! 200 books is a very big number, how’s it going now? After a month in this blogging community, I have come to realize that you must pick your books for review carefully or you may just land yourself into a nasty dilemma! :P

  4. I agree that books for review/tour makes reading more stressful, that’s why I’m cutting back. I want to meet my current obligations and be very picky when it comes to accepting another book for review. Unless is REALLY grabs me or is by one of my fav authors, I doubt I’ll accept it.

    • Exactly what I wish to say! *casts furtive glances at my TBR pile* I’ve got to regulate the number of requests I receive and make sure I do some solid reading of my own books! :)

  5. I’m now a follower of your lovely blog Alicia – thankyou for directing me to it. I agree with you about ‘will I love this book?’ I’d rather enjoy it than have it contribute to the mounds of books I’ve had over the years.
    Good luck with your blogging.


    • Thank you! I’ve only just started a month ago and I can assure you it is no way near easy!! But blogging is something I love, and blogging about my beloved books is like heaven for me! So I’ll try to keep it as fun and enjoyable as possible haha! Glad to know that you like my blog, yours is as great :)

  6. Nice response. It’s good to see someone in the book blogging world who doesn’t let it become a race, but rather realizes that’s it’s ultimately all about finding enjoyment in what you’re reading. Thanks for following my blog; you got a follow-back!

    • I believe seeking enjoyment is everyone’s desire when they pick up a book, only sometimes we get too eager to do some maths tally that we forget our initial purpose! Thanks for the follow :)

  7. My goal would be to just find time to read more! I have so many lovely books sat on my shelves waiting to be read and I keep running out of time :(
    Thank you for following my blog I’m now following you back :)

    • Mine as well! /glances guiltily at TBR pile/ It’s so hard to find a few quiet hours with a book when reality gets in the way… Thanks for the follow!

    • Oh dear, that’s really very fast of you! Yes, you should be pushing your goals and challenging yourself to read more awesome books, see you around and thanks for the follow! :)

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