And this is CRAZY!!!

“Hey, I just met you,

and this is crazy,

but here’s my book blog,

so join me, maybe?”

So I was clicking around my blog stats, a cup of warm milk tea at hand, and my mind wanders off to the 20% discount in a nearby mall… When I got the BEST surprise of my life!!!

First I was like:

Oh my innocent cup of tea…

Then my eyes zoomed right in:


I have reached 100+2 followers!!!

To every blogger out there, 100 is like the magic number, and I can’t be blamed for fainting right there and then– this is a HUGE achievement for me! When I first came up with this crazy idea of my own little book blog a month ago, I never expected to be so readily accepted, and for that, THANK YOU! ^-^

I am eternally grateful to all who took time off to pay me that little attention, leaving a thoughtful comment or 2, or maybe entered your email for a follow, you know who you are! :)

Special thanks to Sel at Bookcase to Heaven™ who influenced me with her fervent love for books, squealing with me over anything and everything, and gossiping with me from the 19th century to modern day! ;)

Today shall be a day crossedcircledhighlightedstarredworshipped on my Winnie the Pooh calendar 2012, a day I will never forget. In return to your encouragement and recognition, I promise to put in 200% effort to make this blog a special world for all book lovers! This is going to be a best day in my life, look out for the girl with a goofy smile on her face, you’ve just spotted Alicia!


41 thoughts on “And this is CRAZY!!!

  1. OH MY OH MY GOD! That is just awesome!!! Congratulations! *BIG HUG* you deserve it with a best friend like me >:DD *smirks* speaking of hot Korean guys, isn’t that Jang Keun Suk from the Kdrama Love Rain? Hawttt!

    Keep on blogging with fervor and spread the love of books!

    Your book blog #1 fan (not a fan of you in real life *coughs*) Sel xoxo

  2. Wow! Lucky you Alicia :D I only have 14 followers so far :p
    Anyways, thanks for following my blog! I could teach you how to make a blog button, just drop me an email :) Or you could just visit my blog; I’ll be posting a tutorial on how to create a blog button when I return (I’m in UK now). See you around!

    • You’ve only just began, I’m sure you’ll be reaching your 100 milestone soon too because you have a very lovely blog! Awwww thank you! I’ll definitely be dropping by for your tutorial, have fun in UK! ^-^

  3. Hi Alicia ;) I love love this post and the images ;) Congratulations – btw, I’m your 138th follower ;) Me, I still have some work to do (35 followers and hopefully counting). Thanks for the follow, Alicia. I really appreciate it!

    – Ara of My Book and My Coffee

      • Aha ;) i like you’re beautiful too! I think it’s one of my favourite k-dramas though i’m not really a fan of k-dramas… My favourite is Shin Woo, though. :) have fun watching alicia!

      • Apart from my first love (um, books? :P), dramas are my favourite pastime! K-dramas are always very dramatic (it’s called drama for a reason…) and I’ll be laughing my heads off one moment and crying like a baby in another haha xD

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