Teaser Tuesday: July 17


Teaser Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading.

Okay, I know I’m the last person on Earth to read this book and I LOVE IT, LIKE TOTALLY HONESTLY HYPERVENTILATINGLY!!!! ♥ I can predict a highly incoherent review coming up! xD

“Moths,” repeats Will. “You’re afraid of moths?”

“Not just a cloud of moths,” she says, “like…a swarm of them. Everywhere. All those wings and legs and…” She shudders and shakes her head.

“Terrifying,” Will says with mock seriousness. “That’s my girl. Tough as cotton balls.”

“Oh, Shut up.”

Will and Christina were so cute together… Not quite a teaser you’d expect but how was that wave of déjà vu? ^-^

What’s your teaser this week? :)


60 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday: July 17

    • Haha, I don’t like moths too!! (Even if they’re cousins of butterflies I still dislike them) >.< In the summer there'll always be so many of them flapping around it gets annoying :/ Anyway, Happy Tuesday!

    • Heehee, same here! Seeking comfort in those who are in the same state as me xD but… If you get the chance to, you must read Divergent, it’s STRONGLY STRONGLY recommended ;)

    • AWWWW IKR THE SECONARY COUPLE IS ALREADY THIS CUTE, nothing more can be said about Tris and Four! /squeals/ Read. It. Now.

      /le ignores and doesn’t get hint/ WHOOT? :D

  1. You’re reading Divergent! I’m sure you’ll love it–I did!
    Although be prepared on the ending.. ;)
    I’m currently reading Insurgent.

    Btw, thanks for following my blog. And yes, you should read Cinder now.
    i’m also now a proud follower. ;) I just entered you giveaway, thanks for that!

    If you’re interested, here’s my review for Divergent.

    P.S Enjoy reading! :)

    Michelle from Michelle Shouts Random

    • Thank you Michelle! I LOVED Divergent so much I can’t even!!! Uh oh, the ending…? /chews lip/ Why hasn’t anyone warned me on that?! I have Insurgent all ready by my side, hope it’ll live up to it’s precessor!

      Thanks for participating the Taste giveaway, I’ve scheduled to read Cinder sometime this month! :)

  2. Great teaser, Alicia. I’d post mine but I left my book at my beach house. gaahhh!!! I am currently reading SENSE & SENSIBILITY. I just finished THE RAVEN BOYS by Maggie Stiefvater and that was great. Thanks for posting and sharing. I hope you are enjoying DIVERGENT. :)

    • I’ve heard that Maggie Stiefvater’s books are all great hits! Lol, Sense and Sensibility will be books that I SHOULD be reading for my lit texts, gah, but I’ll never get to concentrate xD Ignore me, have a Happy Tuesday, and I absolutely LOVE Divergent! :)

  3. you aren’t the only one who hasn’t/hadn’t read Divergent… confession* I still haven’t read it *cringes* I want to read it, but I haven’t gotten to it, the TBR list is scary. Anyhow, hope you are enjoying! Book Savvy Babe

  4. Oh, I love that teaser. Reminds me that it wasn’t always all death and destruction in the Divergent world. :)

    Thanks for sharing & for stopping by my teaser. Happy Tuesday! :D

    • I agree with your point, it’s always heartwarming to come across a piece of joy amist the corruption and cruelty of the factions. But then again, this book isn’t all about fun… :/ Have a Happy Tuesday!

  5. This is such a good book. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you so much for checking out my blog and leaving your sweet comment. I have followed you as well :)

    Best, Caitlin

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    • I’ll always remember all the sunshine and jokes too… Insurgent’s darkness is creeping up on me!! >.< This series is just totally awesome :D Thanks for stopping by too!

  7. This book was my life for one day (then I finished it), and then my world revolved around “Insurgent”. I’m assuming you’ve finished it, so- wasn’t it SPECTACULAR??

    • OMG YES I WAS HYSTERICAL WHEN DIVERGENT ENDED!!! All those hot and badass scenes… /sighs dreamily/ Insurgent took on a really different tone from Divergent I’m not very sure which I liked more :D

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