Review: Divergent by Veronica Roth

Divergent by Veronica Roth
Publisher/Year: HarperCollins May 3rd 2011
Genre: YA (EXTREMELY-COOL) Dystopian
Series: YES!!! *HAPPY DANCE*
Other Books From Author: Insurgent (Book 2)
Source: Bought with my own cash money <3

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In a future Chicago, 16-year-old Beatrice Prior must choose among five predetermined factions to define her identity for the rest of her life, a decision made more difficult when she discovers that she is an anomaly who does not fit into any one group, and that the society she lives in is not perfect after all.

The futuristic Chicago is divided into 5 factions, each upholding a striking trait: Abnegation (the selfless), Amity (the peaceful), Dauntless (the brave), Erudite (the intelligent) and Candor (the honest). There is another that few know about and far too dangerous to contemplate: Divergent. Now that 16-year-old Beatrice Prior is about to take her aptitutude test to decide which faction she will spend the rest of her life in, Beatrice makes a choice that shocks everyone.

Not that I’m going to tell you!

Tris’ (Beatrice) new faction is simply – wow. The atmosphere is incredible, it’s crazy, it’s confronting and so very addictive. These factions mould their life around a single trait, one that we value and strive towards. But without healthy balance, Veronica proves how these values can turn deadly… The hard way. Intelligence morphs into a dangerous weapon, selflessness leaves no room for self-preservation, and bravery toes the line of cruelty and sadism. In her initiation days, Tris quickly learns to toughen up physically and mentally, or she’s a goner.

FOUR!!! He’s topping my favourite fictional guys list (and have I mentioned four is now my favourite number?) He may seem distant and hard, but it’s the tender moments seeping between him and Tris that send me hyperventilating. As they unearth secrets about themselves, their little touches, flirting and sexual tension build up to dazzling heights. Their love is so real and honest and filled with respect that I’ll have to kowtow whenever I see them together!

I cannot tell you how many times my jaw dropped while reading this. Especially in last 60 pages, I could not turn the pages fast enough, my heart was pounding with nervous excitement for the spectacular ending. Veronica’s fantastic debut besotted me. Hand me Insurgent, I would sort myself into Abnegation just to dote on her every need!


37 thoughts on “Review: Divergent by Veronica Roth

      • I SUBSCRIBED MAH so i get email notifs :D I WAS SUPER HAPPY WHEN I SAW DIVERGENT REVIEW WHEEEEE. oh i thought incarnate was awesome btw! but i agree with selsel when she says should have more world building. oh well. i think the ending was quite lame though. (although the romance is like OH!). And I seriously can’t stand Sam’s real name. (when you get to that part, tell me then we can have a serious complaining session on the suckiness of his name >:( )

      • I’ve read so many bad reviews on Incarnate, so I actually decided not to read it. Tell me if it is good so that my decision can be otherwise ;)

      • well @emily: I’ve read Incarnate, I thought it was pretty good though it has quite a few flaws – which many reviews have pointed out quite rightly hahaha! To sum up it’s an interesting read (the idea of incarnation and stuff) but won’t rank high on my fav books list. Especially because of the ending >:( it was so lame!

        Personally I don’t like to read reviews before reading a book…it creates an image in my head and I can’t shake it loose when reading it! I strongly recommend reading with a clean slate :D

      • @charmy: haha thanks for the advice! :) maybe i will check it out after all, at least after i have cleared my TBR pile (which has like, 30 books? :p) Haha :D yes, i am quite fickle minded when it comes to this kind of thing

      • LOL GUYS!!! I’m sensing a heated book discussion here! :D I’m about 25% through Incarnate and honestly speaking… I’m not very impressed :/ Emily, you might want to be mentally prepared for it! Though I trust Charmy’s judgement, she’s read it before!

      • Haha maybe you shouldn’t trust my judgement, I’m an ultra lenient reader! I basically love all books! :DDD

  1. That trailer is so cooool! I have this feeling of reading this book which someone (ahem!) has not been lending me. As an enthusiastic cover reader, that sentence on the book is stunning! Imagine having your entire life depending your choice. I am sooooooo going to get it soon!

    • Haha, then you really should convince that someone to get you Divergent, you won’t want to miss out on this classic of its genre! IKR, how difficult it must be to make a choice that will determine your future >.< This book is keeping me on tenterhooks!

  2. I bought both Divergent and Insurgent but i haven’t even finished reading Divergent and my mum confiscated it because she said i was getting too obsessed. :( *tears hair out and whines like a small baby* now i can’t get my fill of Tris and Four goodness! *sighs* November come quick!

    • Awww maybe you should get your mom to read it and she might find herself obssessed with Divergent too :) Just joking.. BUT PROMISE ME YOU’LL READ IT SOON, TRIS AND FOUR <3

    • Don’t you feel really bad at the end of the day when you still have so many things to finish (and not to mention so many books on TBR)? :( But I’m sure you’ve come across many other lovely books, do read this soon!

  3. I have yet to read this, but I’ve heard lots of mixed thoughts on it. However, it’s nice to see such a positive review. The premise for this story certainly sounds exciting and four.. Well you’ve already caught my attention. haha.

    Great review! :)

    • Once books get popular they get controversial too! I love the idea Veronica came up with, of factions and choosing the only trait your are to practise in the future, it’s really amazing!! Haha how could you miss Four? <3 Thanks!

      • I know! Well, I’ll have to get around to this soon so I won’t be missing out on any Four! !
        Books definitely do, but I think it’s nice to see a good book grow. There will always be people who don’t like a book, but at the same time publicity for a book is good!

  4. How funny, my review for Divergent went up today too! I enjoyed it a lot, but honestly, I was expecting just a bit more in the beginning. I loooved the end though and can’t wait to read Insurgent! :)

    • WHEEEEA Now let me stop by for your review! Great minds think alike >) Hmm… The beginning was a little dull but I understand it as an initial build-up of a dystopian world, INSURGENT!!!

  5. Hey Alicia! So glad you loved Divergent! Though I think I only gave this a 3.5 out of 5. I might have liked it better if I didn’t keep on comparing it to THG. Also, I thought that the plot was a little predictable and Four and Tris were okay characters. But in spite all that, I did like consistency of the plot. I might be one of the few people who didn’t fall head over heels in love with this, so don’t kill me? XD

    • I know how bad it can be when you try to force a preconceived notion onto a book, it spoils the reading!! >.< I started out not knowing much about the book and (maybe I'm just easily excitable), it totally blew me away :D Both THG and Divergent have their merits, have to go get the sequels!! And what makes you think I’ll kill you, am I that violent?! xD

  6. Love this review! Divergent just blew my mind and is definitely up there as one of my favourite books of all time :D
    I was a bit disappointed with Insurgent though :( Maybe I have to read them both in one sitting?

    • Same here, Divergent is too much awesomeness packed for my mind!! Many people have been warning me of the sequel, might have to do some mental preparation before diving into it!

  7. Hi, Alicia. Thank you for following my blog. I have just applied to follow yours too. By the way, this book’s cover is so great.
    Monica (

    • Goody, I’m going to slot Insurgent in the next available slot on my reading schedule!! Lol some people are teasing that the next book might be called Detergent… Thanks for stopping by! :)

  8. Have this one in my TBR pile, but embarrassed to say I haven’t read it yet. Everyone keeps raving about it, so know I’ll get to it sooner or later. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m a new follower!

  9. Ooh i’ve been hearing so much about this book so I put it on hold at the library. I can’t wait to read it! Thank you for your review and for stopping by my blog (you even left a comment *happy dance*) I’m curious about your favorite fictional guys list…who is number 2? ^.^

    • YAY, can’t wait to hear your reaction after reading too, I volunteer as spazz partner! :) Shhhh my favourite fictional guys list is to be kept highly confidential or I might get bludgeoned! xD Thanks for stopping by too!

  10. OMG I LOVED DIVERGENT HAHA AND I JUST FINISHED READING INSURGENT TOO:D but I will have to wait a loooonnnggg time for the next book:(

    • GAAAH CHENGYUE!! Why do you guys read so fast T_T I’m still missing the THG series and now this one, yikes! Great thing Divergent #3 is coming this year I FREAKING CAN’T WAIT <3

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