Sunday Post: October 28

Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly over at Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. Let us know what books you’ve bought, borrowed or received for review!

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Thank you Shiying for this fantastic swoon-worthy impossibly mind blowing birthday present!! I’ve got boxes of ice-cream and tissue ready (Y)

Hallowed by Cynthia Hand

The Unearthly series must be one of the best angel books I’ve read, can’t wait to see how Clara’s purpose will turn out!

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

WAIT!! Before you get clubs and chopping knifes to beat me up, hear me out! I’m very very regretful of  not knowing this series earlier, and I’ve made a wise decision to rectify that T^T

The Selection by Kiera Cass

Much thanks to Sel for giving me this pretty book on my birthday :) I was just thinking of watching The Bachelor haha.

The Alchemy of Forever by Avery Williams

Just finished this book and all I can say is: WOW. It exceeded my expectations by so much!

What have YOU snagged this Sunday?


40 thoughts on “Sunday Post: October 28

  1. YOU HAVEN’T READ THE SELECTION YET?!?!?!?! How can this be how can this be it’s awesome ttm!!!! Anyway I’m thinking of reading the fault in our stars too ^^ sounds interesting haha.

    Btw tomorrow can you lend me the alchemy of forever please please please? -puppy eyes-

    • 奴婢知错了, I’ll run off to finish The Selection ASAP! :DDD I’ve heard all kinds of awesome things for The Fault in Our Stars but I never found it in the bookstores/libraries so Shiying did me a HUGE favour haha.

      Hmmm… That depends on my mood… Hmm… ;)

      • 本人 accepts your apology ;) yeah I can’t find tons of nice stuff in libraries too :(

        Ehhhh must lend me okays!!!!! Don’t worry I won’t lose it :DDDDDD

      • Just went Central Library today and it looks like all the cool books were borrowed!! T_T Should have made the move earlier… Fine I’ll try to remember to bring >)

      • Yayyy you’re reading the Iron Fey!!! I just got the first book in the spin-off!!
        I know you’ll love Ash.
        I can predict.
        No lah.

        Andandand Hallowed was really good too :) but i’m team christian.
        Charmy, you have to read the Iron Fey too :D
        Then we can fight over whether Valek or Ash is better :)

      • I know!!! It’s sad :( what do they see in Tucker? I mean, yea he’s cute and sweet… But he doesn’t draw me in loke Christian does… :( i hope clara ends up with christian or i’ll have to bring a rope for tucker or clara’s murder >:(
        Haha. Jk

    • Whenever I visit a blog gushing over The Iron Fey series or Julie Kagawa, I feel SO bad!! Now things will change /cackles/ Haha, don’t mind me… Have a great week ahead! :)

    • Awww thank you! I really hope I can stay, and I promise I will do my best to keep this blog up and running for as long as possible :) The Fault in Our Stars just begs to be read… /bad-decision-to-get-so-many-awesome-books-at-once!!/

  2. Welcome back, Alicia! I hope you still remember me, LOL. ;)

    I think you’ll enjoy The Selection, and I’d honestly be VERY surprised if you don’t end up liking The Iron King. Oooh, thanks for the heads-up – I’m gonna go grab a copy of The Alchemy of Forever. Again, welcome back! :)

    • Of course I remember you!! I’ve been *coughs* secretly stalking your blog :D I’m going to take everyone’s advice to read The Selection ASAP, the premise sounds so good and the hype is overwhelming!! Enjoy your week :)

    • I think so too, I feel like a spoiled little girl with so many books!! :P My hands itched to buy Immortal Rules the other time but you know… budget issues… I promise I’ll get it soon!

    • Yeah, priorities… If only I could have book blogging as a subject, I’d be studying for it every second ;) I heard John Green is an awesome author, have to get through to The Fault in Our Stars soon!

  3. The Fault In Our Stars was the first John Green book that I’ve read and it was fantastic.

    The Alchemy of Forever sounds interesting and I’ve put it on to my Kindle Wish List.

    Thank you for the suggestion and enjoy your reads.

    • Well, The Fault In Our Stars is going to be my first John Green book too :) You really should read The Alchemy of Forever, it’s concept is very cool. Enjoy your week reading!

  4. Ohh Hallowed!! I have that sitting on my shelf but have yet to read it because I’ve heard it may break my heart and I want to be able to read Boundless soon after finishing it… I loved Unearthly though! At the moment it’s the only angel series that I’ve liked!

    I hope you enjoy The Selection :) It’s a fun, cute read :)

  5. hey alicia i really suggest you read the selection although i would say wait until the next book comes out as well i picked it up and didn’t put it down for the next six hours it was amazing and totally heart wrenching but i really think that an inventor should create a speed writer so that books are produced quicker. it would make my life a lot less worrying.

    • O_O!!! Now that pretty sums up my expression after your comment! If I had known The Selection was so amazing I would have kept it in wrapping paper before my itchy fingers give in to temptation!
      We should seriously consider this invention. It saves lives.

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