WVRAT Challenge: Cover Lover

Hello lovelies!

Hope everything is progressing well, and I’m so happy to have you here for the next WVRAT Challenge: Cover Lover! In the 4 x 4 grid below, each image is part of a 2013 YA release cover. Make your highly intelligent guess of the titles corresponding to the covers to win attractive prizes /waggles eyebrow/


Email me <stayhappynsmile [at] gmail [dot] com> your entries! The entry with the most number of correct answers will stand to win any one February YA new release.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Open internationally, as long as TBD ships to you
  • Must be a Wicked Valentine’s Read-A-Thon participant to enter.
  • In case of a draw, extra entries will be considered! To gain an extra entry, comment on which February release you love at first sight [+1]
  • Challenge ends in 24 hours

Happy Cover-Loving and wishing you a Wicked Valentine’s Day in advance <3


30 thoughts on “WVRAT Challenge: Cover Lover

  1. Woah this is so cool! I can tell some of the covers already :) But too bad Im not a WTRAT participant, I don’t even know how to sign up, Haiz…

    • Haha Kaiwen!! It’s so nice to see your comment and knowing that you still visit my blog :) WVRAT is a reading challenge that you can sign up at My Shelf Confessions but I guess it’s too late now, we can sign up again next year!! This is really fun and heh, go search for all those books, THEY ARE AWESOME SQUARED. (Y)

      Psssst which ones do you know?

  2. I love these cover challenges! :D Thank you for hosting one, it’s so much fun to try to guess the cover. ;)

    As for the February release I loved at first sight, I might say Mind Gimes by Kiersten White or The Different Girl by Gordon Dahlquist. Both of them had me as a reader with their other series, and I’m excited to read whatever comes next for them. :D

  3. I finally get back to a challenge and eeeeeeekk!!! This looks so hard!!! Awesome challenge girlie!!!! So pretty, too!!! Here I go…

  4. I love challenges like this, it always brings out my stubbornness in figuring out the covers. :P I’m really looking forward to Out of Easy, Scarlet and Pivot Point. :)

  5. That was challenging and really fun! Thanks! :-D

    Hmm okay, what February release did I love at first sight? I’m gonna go with Pantomime by Laura Lam. I’ve actually heard a lot of really good things about it already, but even if I hadn’t, I think I would have fallen for the cover at first sight. It’s so intriguing! :-)

  6. Awesome challenge! I love these cover challenges ‘cause you always have to pay attention to every single detail in each cover. =)

    As for the February releases, I’m pretty excited for Mind Games, by Kiersten White and Scarlet, by Marissa Meyer. Both are authors that I like, with styles of writing that simply captivates me. I’m excited! =)

    • Too bad I can’t like comments on WordPress… I absolutely love cover-scavenger-hunts kind of challenge too because they make me fish out my magnifying glass just to take a gooood look at the covers to piece the puzzles together :D Maybe I’ll try to do one again next year, more creatively! /plots evil plan/

  7. Thanks for the challenge – it was so much fun!!! :) The February release I’m looking forward the most is Pivot Point – I love the sound of that one. x

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