bookworm in taiwan


Who: Myself, 25 classmates, 2 teachers, and a lovable tour guide
What: Taiwan Creative Writing Immersion Programme
When: November 9-22
Where: TAIWAN!!! Taipei mostly.
Why: Umm, have fun, mingle in a new city, observe a different way of life!

SO MANY THINGS happened in the past 2 weeks. I went into this trip thinking it was something for shopaholics *ahem*, and only to come out of it realizing how much I cherish my culture, my language, my family, my friends, everything that makes who I am. I want to share them with you guys, and in a way, remind myself forever of this journey. ♥ Truckload of photos to come.

Our tour guide 张爸爸 =)

An enthusiastic welcome from Fudan High School, and our first Taiwanese bubble tea (bucket list!)

Egg tart in an egg =P

Self-discovery Day — getting our metro tickets!

Giant ice-creams… WE REGRET NOTHING =D

On the Lovers’ Bridge with friends who mean more to me than lovers <3

Taiwan’s famous night markets.

Toilet-themed restaurant, the cutest thing ever!

And of course, TAIPEI 101.We got as far up as 91 floors, the wind was just CRA-ZY.

*photo credits to dear friend and deskmate Wei Jing*


Whatever I expected, it wasn’t this! Shelves and shelves of YA books, of different editions, different covers, and even the chinese translations.


I ended up only getting ONE BOOK– Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami, author of IQ84. A few days before Halloween, I went for the NaNoWriMo kick-off party here in Singapore with my best friends. First observation: 3 people in the room brought IQ84 with them. UMM is it some kind of highly intellectual books for smart people? =P

I decided to get Norwegian Wood instead since it’s more travel friendly. If any of you have read it… Tell me what you think!

So that’s it for now! How has your month been?


11 thoughts on “bookworm in taiwan

  1. So that’s where you’ve been!! It looks super fun and awesome, though!! :D I’ve been to Taiwan too, and besides Taipei, I visited the Sun Moon Lake… And all the books with Chinese translations; so cool! :) And the egg tart in an egg is so cute!! :D
    Glad you had fun, and thanks for sharing Alicia!! <33

    • I was pretty disappointed to only be in Taipei for the 2 weeks, but I guess it gave us a lot more time to explore various parts of the city. Though if I were to visit again, Sun Moon Lake is definitely going to be a destination!! The chinese translations LOOK cool. I tried to read them and UHHH. UMM. I couldn’t get used to it. SO AWKWARD!!! xD I loved the egg tart, but it was gifted by the teachers so I have no idea where to buy them *feels sad*


  2. Wow, all of this looks amazing! I’m so glad that you had so much fun on your trip. That bathroom themed restaurant is cool and a little weird. =P The metro photos are so fun and that bubble tea looks divine! And books, of course it always feels so good to look at ’em =D

    Yay for all the photos, Alicia!

    • Thank you, Sana! If you could, I’d definitely recommending visiting the bathroom themed restaurant, it’s very unique, and even the dishes are served with the theme in mind =P Some of my friends thought it gross but I guess it’s not to be taken too seriously. One of the metro stations was SO CUTE– it’s decorated with many cute cartoons drawn by a famous Taiwanese author Ji Mi. Haha I think I overdosed on bubble tea in Taiwan but WHOOP. I REGRET NOTHING ;)

  3. Whoa! Major bookstore jealousy-I would be in absolute bliss there. Sounds like you had an amazing time, I’ve never bee overseas but would love it. The culture in Taiwan seems every interesting!

  4. It looks like you had a ton of fun!! I really need to get out more lol. The toilet themed restaurant is pretty weird but I like weird :) I love the new Harry Potter covers because I’m obsessed with Kazu Kibuishi :D

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