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Ugh okay new years are great and amazing promises of new beginning that we as human beans must take seriously. Sleep over that crazy late night New Year’s Eve party and ABRACADABRA YOU ARE NOW A NEW AND CHANGED PERSON!! *nope that never happens to me* Only 5 days into the new year and I’m in a major slump.

Thank the best nerdy brains Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal for this gem that came right on time– Bout of Books 9.0. It runs from Monday 6 Jan to Sunday 12 Jan, and basically, you read as much as you can. NO PRESSURE THERE. Jump on the wagon now!!


First week of school’s on the roll and I just want to read. I have a list of books on my possible-to-read-list but I’m not sure how this goes because I’ll probably just get a few pages done over dinnertime. We’ll see. WE’LL SEE. LET’S DO THIS THING.

Defiance Pivot Point These Broken Stars Into the Still Blue



Number of pages read: 200 (!!!)
Books read: Defiance (reading)

By some miracle of the stars, I’ve actually gotten some reading done =D AWW YEAH. Bummer that I couldn’t join in the twitter chat at 3am though, it’s now a new year resolution to join in the next one.


Number of pages read: … umm… 19?
Books read: Defiance (reading)

You fast readers, no judging okay.


Number of pages read: 67
Books read: Defiance (reading)

AHHHH!!! SO MAD AT MYSELF!!! I actually set an alarm so I could join in a twitter chat but by some gross coincidence, I had to do chinese presentation while the twitter chat was going on so *facedesk* MISSED IT YET AGAIN.


Number of pages read: 117
Books read: Defiance (finished!!!! Total 403 pages)

Guess who finished her first book for Bout of Books? LOOK WHO’S WINNING. UH HUH. UH HUH. SCORE.


Number of pages read: 180
Books read: Pivot Point (reading)

This… Book… Is… Pretty… Unique…? I got quite confused with the alternating PARA and NORM chapters at first, but I’m getting the hang of this =D

in total + a wrap up

Number of pages read: 583
Books finished: Defiance and Pivot Point

Many of you have been asking me how Bout of Books 9.0 ended, and I’m really sorry for the late update. BUT DO YOU SEE THE NUMBERS? 583?!?! That’s an unprecedented record in the history of Aliciadom. I had a lot of fun catching up on the twitter chats (though I never got to join in any) and I’ll definitely be up for Bout of Books 10.0 =D SEE YOU NEXT TIME, BYEEEEE!

If you have not yet signed up for Bout of Books 9.0, I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU to do so! What goals have you set and what are you planning to read?


7 thoughts on “bout of books 9.0

  1. I love your goals especially with school! I always shoot for the stars and then if I make it, great, if not at least I read more than my normal! I’m shooting for a book a day but depending on how my family behaves (mostly dogs and a hubby!) we shall see…

    Good luck!

    My BoB2014 Goals

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    I would totally participate in this readathon, except my winter break ends today and school starts back up which = no more time to read at all :( But OMG, your TBR is awesome. I looooved THESE BROKEN STARS to death, it’s an amazing sci-fi with a beautiful romance. And ahhh, INTO THE STILL BLUE is such a perfect ending to the series! I’m dying to read DEFIANCE and PIVOT POINT, I’m looking forward to your reviews! Good luck with this readathon, Alicia! <3

  4. Hi. How are you? :) I confess that I’m loving you TBR pile – so many books that I want to read! This is my first ever read-a-thon and I think it’s a great idea – very excited for it. We can meet new people and new books. It’s just an amazing idea!

    Good luck with your goals, Alicia. :)

    Thannya @My Lovely Secret

  5. Goodluck! :D

    Last year, I tried writing down the books I wanted to read and I failed miserably. Because I’m a moody reader and I’m really moody (what?) I just pick books randomly.

    One of my goals this year is to read 2 or 3 series. I’m not really a fan of series but we’ll see how it goes. :D and also I want to be organize this year (I actually bought a planner) I tried using evernote, google calendar and microsoft note but then again I failed miserably. So far so good, I only write down books I have to read like arcs I’m not really good at remembering dates and so far it is working (I guess!)

    I’m really eyeing These Broken Stars. I haven’t read any sci books in my life (Oh my god! right?) I guess, reading sci-fi books will be part of my goals too. :D

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