it’s never just a book: a gif story

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Yesterday I was reading The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski. I’m not sure how many of you felt the same but at the last few pages, hot damn. It’s emotional.

I was on the verge of hysterics. I had so many tears. The tears were just flowing down my face like rivers, and I was trying so hard to hold back the ugly sobbing noises. I couldn’t because my nose got all stuffed up. I CAN’T. I can’t stop it. Arin… Kestrel.. It got so nasty that my mom ran in to check on me. Whatever intelligible conversation went something like this:

Mom: You okay? What happened?!!

Me: NO. It’s… Book… These fictional characters…. They… Lies… Trapped… I… Can’t… FEELS *CRIES*


“It’s just a book.”


It’s the frustrating, hair-splitting moment when you’re flooded with FEELS and EMOTIONS and S C R E A M I N G in the midst of the most epic book… and everyone else thinks you’re insane. My parents never understood why I would cry over “fictional characters that don’t even exist” so they tell me to “Grow Up” when I’m hyperventilating in fangirl mode.

Damn… does this happen to you too?


27 thoughts on “it’s never just a book: a gif story

  1. This is exactly how I feel. I get so caught up and cry and laugh. I can be depressed for days just thinking about a loved character’s death. All because I can relate it to my own life.

    • This ALWAYS happens!! I was crippled for days after finishing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince because DUMBLEDORE D= OMG. I curled myself into a ball and willed myself to get back to reality but I couldn’t. Felt like the world will never be right again.

      • I will remember a scene days, weeks, months later and end up crying for the loss. You put it so beautifully, because that’s exactly what it is. It pulls up our own memories of pain, loss, and betrayal. How can someone NOT cry?

      • SO TRUE <3 And it's not just TEARS that we have for books. The emotions that we invest are very prominent in FANDOMS created, when people write FANFICTION… These books have realized a whole new world in our hearts!

  2. This is perfect!! And yes, I understand your pain with The Winner’s Curse… damn that was cruel and awful and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!
    My parents no longer wonder why am I crying when I read a book, they must have grown used to it, and I have some equally bookworm-y friends that also understand connecting with characters…
    I’m not sure what I’d do if someone would dare to tell me “it’s just a book” to my face though…


      “”You don’t, Kestrel, even though the god of lies love you”



      My parents are very against my reading YA books because to them, YA is “trashy”. MUNDANE FOOLS. I’ve given up trying to explain to them at some point in time, but their condescending looks get on my nerves gah! I try to contain my excitement when around non-bookish friends becuase it ain’t fair to them. They’re really nice people and forgive me when I lose control of my inner fangirl hehe.

      IT’S STILL NEVER JUST A BOOK!! We know ;)

      • *fist bump*

        My mum only worries about me buying more books and threatens to throw them out if I keep on buying more (thanks goodness for eBooks!!) but she doesn’t care about what kind of books I read… and they usually ask me for recommendations about what to read next when they feel like reading!

  3. I love it when I connect with the characters and the story so hard that I actually feel like I’m living their lives!! I think Laurie Halse Anderson said something about reading a book that you connect with makes you feel less alone. And I totally agree. The books that I got most emotional over are the ones where I felt like what the character experiences is a feeling I’ve had as well. Anyone who doesn’t understand stuff like that, definitely doesn’t read or isn’t reading the right kind of books!!

    • If there is a way to star your comment, I would!! The best books I’ve read are always the ones that make me go on an emotional rollercoaster with the characters =)

  4. Ha! I just finished The Winner’s Curse a few days ago, and I completely agree! So emotion-provoking and beautifully written! And yes, I completely agree…it’s NEVER “just a book” right? ;)

    Thanks for sharing Alicia, and lovely post! Can’t wait to see your review for this one!

    • I’m still reeling from the aftershocks of what Kestrel did at the end… AHH. Will be posting a review sometime this week! Maybe Friday! Thank you for commenting =D

  5. It’s very uncommon for me to get emotional, outwardly, over a book, though I’m currently reading This Star Won’t Go Out and it’s bringing me close, but if ever one of my family entered a room when I was crying over a character (The Order of the Phoenix…) I know they would understand. Might be a little amused, but they would understand. I mean, that’s one of the most emotional books I’ve read!
    I haven’t read/really heard of this book you mentioned, though, so I’m off to look into it!

    • SIRIUS


      I borrowed that book from the library and I felt so sorry for the tear splashes I left on the page. AHH!!! I LOVED The Winner’s Curse, it definitely lived up to the hype! … Warning though, things start to get ugly-crying-emotional at the back.

  6. I have heard so many great things about The Winner’s Curse; I really need to read it soon! Anyway, yeah, for sure that happens to me. Though, it hasn’t in awhile. I haven’t really read a really great book that hit me that hard in…a few months. Wow, that sucks, doesn’t it? Lol. But, yes, I definitely feel the feels when I’m enveloped in a great story! Some people just don’t get how great books can be…

    • Books that make me feel equally invested as say, Harry Potter, don’t come around often. Maybe that hasn’t even happened before, though The Winner’s Curse came close enough to it!!! Still reeling at the plot twists and twist of fates and UGHH THIS SOUNDS ROMEO AND JULIET-ISH BUT I SWEAR IT’S 293847384 TIMES BETTER <3

  7. EXACTLY. When is it ever be ‘just a book’?! I sometimes feel frustrated with some people who just can’t get it, I mean, ughhhhh, a book can ruin my life. It can wrench your heart, tear you up to shreds, be your bestfriend when needed, be a loving companion who won’t bore you, and it can give so much impacts to your life. Books shape the way you think about things in life. When is it ever be ‘just a book’?!

    *continues flailing and ugly crying over emotional books*

    • We seek solace in books, and those who never read books, or never read good books, will never be able to feel the same! Love the way you put it– books don’t just make us cry and be unintelligible FANGIRLS. They are staples when it comes to our emotional life!

  8. I get quite emotional over books, I cry really easily, but, I just finished The Winner’s Curse and I did not cry! That’s really unusual for me :)

    Some people will never understand our love of books, and that’s ok, we know they’re missing out!

    • The Winner’s Curse isn’t exactly a CRY ME A BOOK RIVER kind of book. It was emotional, but more importantly, some parts of the book reminded me of a TV series I used to watch over and over again when I was young. I was flooded with emotions from both the book AND the TV show and gah, it crushed any self-restraint I had =P


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  10. Hahaha. I love this! Because it is so true. I connect with books such that I cry, laugh, smirk and cringe, depending on what emotions a book elicits from me. Like you said, they are human experiences, so it doesn’t matter if a book is fictional. Fiction comes from the depths of the authors’ hearts. Much like theatre, when an actor is on stage, we know that things aren’t happening in real life but that doesn’t discount the story and the emotions that are palpable to the actors and audience alike. We don’t question when people in the audience cry, so we shouldn’t question either when readers cry.

    I have no idea though how my family would react to me crying over a book. I usually hole myself up in my room if I know I’m reading a terribly heart-wrenching book that’s gonna have me shed more than just a few tears.

    Two books that come to mind that have made me cry are Red Ink by Julie Mayhew and The Book of Broken Hearts by Sarah Ockler. They were so sad but so cathartic to read.

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