i’m a vampire, not a monster ❂ the immortal rules by julie kagawa

immortalrules-jkagawaPublished: April 24th 2012 by Harlequin Teen
Genre & Keywords: Vampire Dystopian
Other Books From Author: The Iron Fey series, The Eternity Cure (BOOK 2), The Forever Song (BOOK 3)

I received this for review from the publisher, but that in no way swayed my opinion, promise!

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Forget sparkly Edward Cullen. The Immortal Rules is set in a post-apocalyptic world of fierce, hungry, savage vampires who rule in the Inner City, and herd humans as blood cattle. Allison Sekemoto from Sector 4 of New Covington is an Unregistered who lives outside of the Inner City. Being Unregistered means you’re off the system and don’t have to subject yourself to monthly bloodletting, but it also means that you’re without food tickets and it’s your own fault if you simply vanish (read: be killed by a vampire)!

Allie hates the monsters that trod on them like worthless dirt under their feet. Until the night Allie herself is attacked and given the ultimate choice: die or become one of them.


I’ll just say it now: Julie Kagawa is the QUEEN of vampires! I wasn’t expecting much at all from this genre of overused paranormal creatures, but Julie Kagawa made it work. She brought them back to their original, scary, monstrous selves, and planted a sense of danger that constantly pulsed at the back of my head. It was as though these blood-thirsty monsters lurked in every rustle, every movement, every shadow of the night, and my skin starts to crawl when night falls. Just imagine every night you sleep, bony fingers could suddenly throttle you and tear your flesh off piece by piece before you even scream “AHHH!!!!” It was SO INTENSE.

What makes this book really unique is the vampire hierarchy in their society. Kagawa’s vampires are fierce, powerful and frightening, using their physical abilities to their very full advantage. What’s worse than wild vampires? Organised ones. There’s an entire chain of command filled with sires and pets that I NEED TO KNOW MORE ABOUT!! There was no info-dumping whatsoever, and PLUS. A MYSTERY.

Time for TEAM ALLIE shirts, people! Here is a warrior girl who would ruthlessly kill for survival. But well, I love her because she loves books. A part of her yearns for the day when knowledge is spread, when people could read good books and good poetry. As much as she detaches feelings from people around her (because she know they can die any moment), she cannot hide the human part of her that will always stay loyal to her friends. When she turned into a vampire, the creature she hated most, she struggled even harder to maintain the humanity in her, and I admired her. This is one rare coming-of-age gem in YA.

Have you read this one? What did you think? I know the series is out but NO SPOILERS PLEASE. If you haven’t read it, would you be interested? Do your like your vampires sexy or scary?


11 thoughts on “i’m a vampire, not a monster ❂ the immortal rules by julie kagawa

  1. Hahahaha! Ice Kacang ;D What a nice Singaporean touch!! :P
    I’m so glad you loved this one, Alicia! I’ve not read it yet (shocker, shocker!), but I’ve heard of how Julie Kagawa went mad intelligent with vampire gore and stuff, that it was fantastic! Sounds like that there’s a pretty badass protagonist too ;) But I’m not big on vampires, so I’ll probably be staying out of the way! (and if you ask, no it’s not because of Twilight xD) I’m just put of by all the blood and… vampires in general! :P But it’s so great to hear that Allie’s a great protagonist and loves books!! xD
    Glad you loved this one, Alicia!! <3

    • #icekacang #nationalpride

      I’m not so much of a vampire fan either, but Julie Kagawa’s masterful in paranormal/fantasy stories appealed to me in a way that none other has! The Immortal Rules is scary without being gory, and meaningful without being preachy. If one day you do feel comfortable picking up something outside of your comfort zone, I’d say go for it! Thank you for commenting, Emily :))

  2. I loved it too. And the ending of the second book left me like, wow. I’ve had the second book for a while but don’t want to read it yet :-(

    • I’m reading the second book right now… Not nearly as amazing as the first and the dialogue feels forced/awakward sometimes, we’ll see how things go!

  3. I’ve been meaning to read this book since it’s release in 2012. Thank you for the review, now I have ever more reason to finally get down to it!

  4. Fantastic review, Alicia!

    I have read so many urban fantasy stories with vampires that I wasn’t sure I was keen on reading another BUT! I read and loved the Iron Fey series in Feb and I thought that if she had made me love faeries that I usually totally avoid, I had to check her take on vampires! And boy, was I right!!

    I loved this one and her vampires are so creepy and scary! The story was fantastic and for me it only goes better and better on the next two books, which btw lemme recommend you binge read! Have book 3 next to you right when you finish book 2, cause the wait was not fun!!

    • LOL my friends had this huge ASH ASH ASH HEART HEART HEART period and I was really convinced to pick up the series! The first few chapters of The Iron King was kind of draggy, wasn’t in the mood to understand a new fantasy world so I put that down for another day. Need to get back to it soon =) Am reading The Eternity Cure now and things are getting really messy omg o_o

  5. I’ve heard nothing but glowing (and I mean glowing!) reviews for this one, so I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it Alicia! Definitely going to have to pick it up and see what all the hype’s about, right? ;) Thanks for sharing, and, as always, BRILLIANT review! <3

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