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Hi, new feature time! I’m sinking deep into a review backlog, and that only struck me after I’ve updated my Goodreads “to-review” shelf to a whopping forty. I need help. Chit Chat is going to be a quick, casual conversation of some super overdue books!! My memory is getting fuzzy and I apologise beforehand if I get some details wrong!

(Top Left) Die for Me by Amy Plum : DAYUM, I’m not really sure how to rate this! I really enjoyed it back in 2012, but I was a noobie to YA then. Things were easily cool for me. On the surface, Die for Me has got Paris and revenants, basically zombies with an intrinsic obsession to give their lives for humans again and again, what’s not to swoon for? Yeah… Well…  Look deeper, and this story is all about girl meets guy at the lowest point in her life, and then girl changes forever to revolve her life around his. Can you already see where this is going?!! Most characters in this book are predictable– Kate is stuck in self-pity after her parents’ death for the good first 30% and Vincent is Edward Cullen 2.0, except French. Skip it.
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(Top Right)Storm by Brigid Kemmerer: The characters must be the standout for this book. I was really amazed by how Brigid Kemmerer kept tabs on all SIX characters, and managed to make them all come to life in a mere 353 pages. Not only do we have five (count ’em, FIVE!) male characters you will go absolutely insane for, but the storyline of Storm is consuming and suspenseful, with bullies who are more dangerous than they really let on and cryptic Guides lurking in the background waiting to spring up and attack. Things that seem insignificant at first come to haunt you later on in the story and suddenly everything will make sense like a big conspiracy. Even though I figured some parts out, it didn’t kill the thrill of exactly seeing it happen! Kemmerer, you are the queen of twisty stories. Can’t recall WHY I didn’t continue the series, but I have plans to do so one day :)
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(Bottom Left) What’s Left Of Me by Kat ZhangWhat’s Left Of Me is a dystopian that surprised me with its achingly beautiful moments between 2 sisters. Kat Zhang got my head warring with the complex ties between Eva/Addie’s. With any sisters, there’s a whole mass of love-hate-ugh-hugs relationship going on (trust me, I would know), and imagine that x10 for Eva/Addie! They are the closest you can get to tight-knit sisters, but Eva lives a life of longing what her sister has (a life, basically). Their strong, emotional yet difficult bond was the one thing that glued me to the pages. Plotwise, things stagnated quite a bit around the middle, and I didn’t quite get the ending. I can’t remember the love interests so I presume they didn’t play much role. Either that or they were unmemorable. Eh.
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(Bottom Right) Burn for Burn by Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian : This book is every bit as shallow as its cover. If you’re anything like me, all eyes are on pretty shallow covers (awkward laugh)… I don’t know about Siobhan Vivian, but this story isn’t the usual Jenny-Han-style, and I don’t like it very much. Burn for Burn wasn’t entirely unenjoyable, only that the melodramatic tone irritated the hell out of me. Lilia, Kat and Mary spent the entire book going on and on about the HUGE revenge they’re plotting (note: “plotting”- nothing much really happens until the last 20 pages) out of HEARTBREAK and ANGST and ALL THE PAIN that I can’t sympathize with. The story overall was fine, and I can see why people loved it, just not for me.
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What do you think about this new chit chat feature? Would you prefer more in-depth reviews for each book? Have you read these books? Share your thoughts! Since all of them are series-starters (that I’ve read a looooong time ago), tell me if you think I should pick the series back up again!


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  1. I’ve read Die For Me and What’s Left Of Me. I agree with you on both, though I think I enjoyed DFM more than you did. The rest of that series makes it less Twilight-y (if I remember it correctly). And just a note on the sister dynamic in WLOM: I’m a twin and I’ve never read a book the captures the feeling of being a twin so completely (even if they aren’t literal twins). I loved that part, though I agree that the ending was weird.

    • Oh right! Now I recall reading Until I Die somewhere in my fuzzy memory and enjoying it a lot more :) It was less-Twilighty for sure, and the plot took a really thrilling turn at THAT END but I wasn’t completely sold to finish the series. Maybe I should, someday. Just to wrap things up haha.

      Hmm, for WLOM, I lost interest in the plot after it died down half way, mayhaps I missed something while skimming the book, but the ending felt out of place. Can’t remember exactly what happened but there was a huge fight scene? I don’t know oh gosh so confusing xD

      • I’m the same way with WLOM. I bought the second book but I haven’t picked it up yet.
        I think it is worth finishing the Die For Me series if you are in the mood for paranormal romance. If not, then don’t, but I remember the third book being good and the accompanying novella was really powerful.

    • Thank you!! I wasn’t sure if mini-reviews are good to explain clearly my feelings for a book. Wouldn’t want people to misunderstand just because I didn’t spend a bit more time to elaborate! Also, it doesn’t feeling ENOUGH for a book? Does that make sense? Like I feel that books all deserve an equal respect, and by writing less words for these books, they are somehow being unfairly treated? Maybe it’s just me haha. But in the case of the 3 books above, I read them YEARS ago, and I don’t have much to say because the details have slipped my brain, so all I have to share are some general comments. In any case, so glad that you like it :)

    • The halfway point was the worst lol new characters were stagnant and I couldn’t see where the plot was heading!! If it weren’t for the sister relationship, and my friend’s OMG READ THIS recommendation, I probably wouldn’t have pulled through it.

  2. I love this new feature Alicia! Sometimes we just don’t have much to say about a certain book, and this feature seems to cover that feeling perfectly. I’m glad all three of these books were enjoyable for you, and I’m definitely intrigued with each of them. Thanks for sharing and, as always, BRILLIANT reviews! <3

  3. I refrain from depending on mini reviews, we all need some well though out assessment sometimes, but it’s good to give a brief feedback. I think it especially helps if I just want to make a quick decision or have not enough time to appreciate the nuances to the book.

    • Yep, agree with you! To be honest, I am VERY TEMPTED to write my reviews in mini-review formats after this post because I’m really lazy okayy :P There are some books that I feel very passionate about, and I don’t mind writing thousand word essays to profess my gross love for them, but some others… I’m squeezing my brain for something to say! There are pros and cons for both lengthy reviews and mini ones, will be weighing them carefully and hopefully do as deemed fit :) Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, greatly appreciated!!!

  4. I really like the chit-chat feature because when you read so fast, or just give up on writing reviews for a while it is really hard to recall everything and I think there are benefits to both mini-reviews and longer ones. I definitely agree with your thoughts on Brigid Kemmerer’s Storm, and they were certainly 5 hot males!
    Great mini reviews.

    • Very true! I have over 10 books read a year ago, or more, and I can’t remember much details for a lengthy discussions, so short reviews work better that way! I’m was really excited to get to the sequel on the Fire brother in the Elementals series, but for some reason, I took a pause and never came back to it ahh. MUST. GET. BACK. Thank you for your comment :)

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