hot sun blue waves ☀ broken hearts, fences and other things to mend by katie finn

brokenhearts-katiefinnPublished: May 13th 2014 by Feiwel & Friends
Genre & Keywords: Contemporary
Other Books From Author: Top 8 series

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So, this was not how the summer was supposed to go. Like, at ALL. Gemma was supposed to be with her boyfriend, Teddy, on their volunteering trip in Colombia- spending days helping people and nights walking along the beach. But then, out of nowhere, Teddy broke up with her in the gardening aisle of Target. Devastated and discombobulated, Gemma’s life took a sharp turn and she finds herself back in Hamptons after a five-year absence. Being there puts her at risk of bumping into Hallie, her former best friends (that is, before Gemma ruined her life). But people don’t hold grudges forever. Do they?


Whether you’re taking a road trip, laying out on the beach, or simply chilling at home for the (remaining) summer, Broken Hearts, Fences and Other Things to Mend is a fun book to cozy with. It’s got the warm sunshine, cute kisses and great bursts of energy associated with enjoying summer by the beach. The Hamptons setting is perfect + there’s ice cream! The characters are amusing, and I’d find a new reason to love them all as a new chapter goes by. Well maybe not so much for Gemma. Oh Gemma.

This book is basically about Gemma acting like an ignorant 11 year old which can be nettling. Hey girl, everyone can guess that big “plot twist” staring you right in the face, what are you doing?! Despite her pinheaded tendencies, I gradually warmed up to her. Can’t fault a girl for being too sanguine, can I? Amid the vast sea of kickass heroines who are too smart to make mistakes, Gemma is endearing precisely for her cluelessness – reminiscent of Becca from the Shopaholics series.

As you can probably guess by now,  Broken Hearts is junk food like how tumblr is junk food. That’s to say even though the plot itself is predictable and chick flick teen-dramaesque, I can’t resist.

Have you read this one? What did you think? I know this is can be a hit-or-miss for many, so if you haven’t read it, does this book feel like something you’d be into? I’d love to hear your thoughts (*^▽^*)


10 thoughts on “hot sun blue waves ☀ broken hearts, fences and other things to mend by katie finn

  1. This sounds really good. I have it on my TBR for a while now actually. I have been reading a bunch of dark and heavy books lately. This sounds like a good in between read. Great review.

    • thank you! i know it’s horror season and all but i can’t make myself GET INTO all the dark and heavy books. been loving all the cute fun reads and i’m sure this will be great when you need a sun-kissed break.

    • i’m a lot of a mood reader so even though it’s supposed to be the time of the year for horror/thriller stories, i can’t seem to get into them, any to recommend? :)

  2. As you can probably guess by now, Broken Hearts is junk food Haha! Yeah, I’ve heard about Gemma, which is why I’ve stayed away from it. I really can’t stand characters who act like that and just no. It does sound like a fun read otherwise, but since I’m a character driven reader, don’t think this would be for me. :)

    • ugh gemma earns an eyeroll from me too often to explain my liking her! guess i have a tendency to laugh off dumb characters like gemma and grow to accept their not-so-smart personality. it may not be the perfect OMG book, neither will it be entertaining, but i think broken hearts is just what you need to unwind and relax after intense brain activity ha

  3. This sounds like it would have been a great read for over the summer! While I absolutely love dark books that tackle important issues, I also have a soft spot for warm, fluffy reads as well. Definitely going to give this a try – thanks for sharing and, as always, BRILLIANT review Alicia! :D

    • thank you zoe! i didn’t peg you as a dark-book-reader before this haha that’s really cool, hope you’ll enjoy reading broken hearts on one of your comfort-book-cravings :)

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