5 (impossible) reading positions

my daily battle with a book

I’d LOVE to be reading all the time, but my body can’t take it. After 30 minutes, my back feels sore, my arms get lazy and my eyes are definitely not focusing no matter HOW I sit. I twist and turn and end up attempting acrobatics with a book in my face.

In most cases, I put the book down to do something else like stretch or take a walk. BUT. There’s always a but. The real test came when I read The Lightning Thief. UMM NO WAY I’M PUTTING THAT DOWN!! I tried reading on my bed, on my chair, on the sofa, on the floor… I got desperate and thought irritably at my sore back, “How does anyone read comfortably with class??


1. reading, walking, and holding the book on one hand while looking like a keira knightley goddess

I used to be able to read while walking when I was younger (and had heightened senses). Now, I knock into people, trip over myself and get motion sickness all before finishing one sentence. Plus, people shoot weird judgmental looks when they see a girl too engrossed in reading to bother about walking properly.

2. flipping through a book effortlessly on the long, dreadful journey to school

I’ve tried this before, and it mostly worked except some problems:

  • I can’t look effortlessly good on the bus to school, let’s be honest. It’s 7am in the morning, there’s the prospect of school for the next 7 hours, and I’m on a bus that bounces and swerves and jerks.
  • I get motion sick (i.e. I try to hold back puke while reading).

3. stay in the same comfy position… and will your bookshelf to magically fill itself!

This one would be such fun! At least scientists can work on the quantum tunneling of books while I seek the mythical “one comfy position” that will last me for hours.

4. exercise + reading = double win

Multitasking is a must! My mom nags at me to “get out of the house” and “move more” whenever she sees me holed up with a book. I hear audiobooks help people to listen to books when doing chores… or maybe it’s really time to sign up for a hot yoga class.

5. shoot death glares like hermione granger at people who try to interrupt my reading 

Including this because hermione granger.

Do you ever feel like it’s impossible to keep to one reading position especially for long hours? I’d love to know how you look classy when you read… Or is it even worth trying!


22 thoughts on “5 (impossible) reading positions

  1. So true!I still haven’t found a proper position to read.I can’t stay in the same position for a long time.I get cramps and I have to suffer afterwards.
    I love reading on the way to school,though.I have mastered the art of reading while travelling since it takes me one hour to reach my school.
    If you ever find a perfect position,don’t forget to let me know.

    • Reading should count as a bookworm’s workout because hey, we have to lift heavy books, work our arm muscles, eyes muscles, back muscles, umm basically the whole body. #1 workout *grins* HAHA the art of reading while travelling!! How do you do that? :)

  2. I understand your pain. I can’t stay long in the same position for over 5 mins without having to change. And who doesn’t want to look like a Keira Knightly book goddess while reading?

  3. So I read while walking all the time. I do get strange looks but when I am at work I read as much as i can. If that means the walk from the lunch room to my desk. Then it shall be. I also listen to audio all the time… literally. while cleaning, traveling, working. its a way to get more reading time in. I can read in the same position for about an hour… if I try really hard and its a very comfy place. But I can’t seem to read more than hour without giving it rest or my eyes get really heavy. great post.

    • Whenever I’m in school, doing non-school-related things feels like a race against time, let alone reading fiction books! Man I should start training myself to read while walking like you + learning to use audiobooks, multitasking win :) Thank you for sharing!!

  4. wu you your humour is so much cooler now!!!!!!!!!!

    I actually laughed when reading this (in a good omg-hurhur-this-is-funny way)

    btw we totally need to go out before school restarts

  5. THIS! I completely agree. I mean…who can sit still for 2+ hours to read a book?!? Not me – that’s for sure. It’s so difficult because eventually your body gets sore and you get distracted, you know? But I can so see myself reading in these positions at one point or another. ;) Especially the Hermione death glare – I can’t name how many times I’ve done that when someone interrupts me while I’m reading. Thanks for sharing, and fantastic post! <3

    • YES and YES!!!! As it seems like the pattern with everything on this universe, reading has its one fatal flaw. I’d be SO GLAD to attempt these positions one day, I might just write a series on it hahahahaha. Aww Zoe you’re so sweet, I can’t imagine you with death glares! Unlike Hermione, I’m a total hermit who would keep my eyes on the book and show complete disinterest while the intruder is talking hehe =P

  6. The worst place to read is at my desk in class. The chair’s absolutely stiff and the table’s low, and when I spend an hour reading there (if I have the time) I end up with a hurting neck and a stiff back. which is why the best place for me to read is in bed, or in some nice big sofa that wouldn’t hurt my back.

    • You know I always find it funny when I see pictures of men and women hunched over a book on the desk. How do they do that??? Are real bookworms naturally born with strong, healthy spines that I somehow lack??? I can NEVER read on the desk, always the comfy bed :) Thank you for sharing, Shannelle!

  7. haha this is so true! It’s really hard to keep the same position when reading and stay comfortable. I actually read a lot on the bus (since it’s kind of boring to just sit there doing nothing) and it’s strange because I don’t get motion sick on buses, but I do if I try read in a car.
    I do the road reading thing as well lol. So dangerous, but sometimes it’s like I CAN’T PUT THE BOOK DOWN I MUST FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT :P

    • if I could have one superpower, it’d be the ability to read on the bus *sigh*

      OMG SAME!! one time I was reading Harry Potter in school (goblet of fire I think?), and it got crazy exciting (as do all HP books), so I HAD TO read while walking home like I can not put it down even for the 5 minute walk home. People walked out of my way and shot me really dirty looks haha BUT IDC I AM IN BOOK HEAVEN :D

  8. My favourite reading position is on the couch. My couch has really round and low arms, so I prop up a European pillow and then lean back. This is comfortable for my back and legs and (mostly) my neck. Sometimes my neck does get sore from looking down at the book but MEH – the rest of me is pretty comfortable.

    I’m not entirely sure how classy I look but I only ever read by myself or in front of my family, and they certainly don’t care, haha XD

    • I can’t stay in one position for prolonged periods of time so when I find my most comfortable reading position, I have move out of it and keep pacing before I sit back down. I don’t even know why! I’ve been experimenting with all kinds of cushions and headrests, by the end of the day I’ve built my own fort of pillows HAHA =P Thank you for sharing, Chiara! Maybe classy really is impossible.

  9. Oh man, definitely! Although I’m lucky that
    A. I don’t get motion sickness
    B. I get so absorbed in a book I often don’t remember shifting positions.

    But I probably looking like a crazy person rolling all over the place while reading hahaha. I have to say that I was totally anti-audiobook until a couple months ago. I had to get a new car, and sadly this one only has a cd player (whyyyyy tape players, why have you abandoned me?! Or at least tape AND cd!) and I have a half hour commute to my job. I’ve quickly discovered that cds do not hold as much music as I thought they did because usually at some point during the drive home it would cycle back again, and I HATE repeating things (And it’s really hard to replace cds while on a freeway. DO NOT RECOMMEND. Terribly stupid.) So I ended up trying audiobooks, and it’s turned out to be great! I’ve gone through three books that way now. Sadly I don’t have a cd player at home and my phone hates the overdrive digital audiobooks, so I can’t do audiobooks for chores, but I imagine it would make them more interesting at least!

    • HAHAHAHA i don’t drive so i don’t know the tape-cd player thing, i can only imagine how frustrating it must be!! i have overdrive audiobooks but i’m such an impatient person, listening for 8 hours to someone read a book that I can finish in 3 hours… only works if i have something to do at hand. but that way i might get distracted! WEIRD PROBLEMS.

      it’s great that audiobooks work for you, you are really really lucky :) thank you for much for commenting! <33


    And yes, I agree about walking + reading. I always tried it (because if Belle can do it, why can’t it?) but I’m too focused on what’s going on around me to actually get engaged in a book!
    Amber Elise @ Du Livre


      haha wanted to include a gif of Belle reading while walking as motivation but nope that’s a state i’ll never achieve. like you, i either get too engrossed in a book and hit something/someone, or i can’t focus on what i’m reading because WHAT IF I DROP INTO A HOLE.

  11. I get so absorbed by what I’m reading sometimes that I can stay in the same position for hours on end. I usually get stiff and sore if I do that though XD I can run on a treadmill and read at the same time. And on one of those fitness bikes. Besides that though, exercise doesn’t really work with reading! haha great post and gifs ;)

    • OH MY RACHEL, you are the reading legend i’ll never achieve:

      a) reading at the same position: you must have found a really great spot + that’s a book you should recommend to all of us!
      b) reading while on the treadmill!!!! I pant and sweat so much i can’t even think about what’s going on around me, much less focus on a book.

      haha thank you so much <33

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