that ’20 things’ about me tag

Almost a month ago, Mishma @ As the page turns tagged me in a ’20 things you probably didn’t know about me’ tag. It looked fun, but I was studying for a national exam then (dies) and didn’t attempt it. Finally going to do the tag, thank you Mishma!

20 things about me tag

How tall are you?

164cm (5′ 4.6″)

Do you have a hidden talent and if so, what?

Oddly enough, I was reminded of multi-talented Karen:

Too bad I’m not as talented, but my one talent is WAY more precious: I can make ice cream magically disappear from the fridge and no one at home needs to know anything about that.

What is your biggest blog-related pet peeve?


It’s the bane of my commenting presence!!! Some days my eyes don’t feel good or the symbols are really warbled, and I still have to press my nose against the screen to decipher them… ohmygod. When I can’t get them right after multiple tries, I might just leave without posting my comment.

Also, I have issues with the Blogger commenting system. I don’t carry my computer to school, so if I decide to visit a few blogs during boring lectures break times, I use my iPad. For some reason, I can’t move my cursor in the Blogger comment space on iPad, and in order to edit something I’ve written a few lines earlier, I HAVE TO DELETE EVERYTHING TO GET BACK TO THAT LINE. Blogger doesn’t autosave comments either, somedays I write really long comments (like ESSAY COMMENTS), the comment space times out, everything is refreshed and wiped away.

bby i want to cry tears of blood.

What is your biggest non-blog-related pet peeve?

*takes angled picture of self with big eyes and duck face and cleavage*
*goes through all kinds of PS and filters*
caption: I know I am ugly. Rate me from 1-10 please.

What’s your favorite song?

What’s your favorite Etsy shop?

not an etsy user!

What’s your favorite way to spend your free time when you’re alone?

Reading in bed with lots of cushions and blankets and plushies and tea and cookies and ice cream! I also love putting on some music in the background while I read/lurk on the internet/do blogging stuff. Listening to Disney Instrumental Playlist on 8tracks right now. LOVE.

What’s your favorite junk food?

Junk food???? Are you trying to tell me that god-send ice cream is junk food?

PSSH. It’s so cute when you think you’re entitled to your own opinions.

Do you have pets?

sadly, no :(

NUMBER ONE favorite non-fiction and fiction books?

Non-fiction: Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

What’s your favorite beauty product?

umm I’m not a religious beauty product user. I only have the bare minimum make-up for theatre/on-stage performances, and I don’t even like them much because make-up generally feels gross to my skin. My mom loves The Body Shop though, we have entire collections of cleansers and moisturizers and stuff at home.

When were you last embarrassed and what happened?

I can’t recall my most recent ones, but I can tell you about my baby embarassing moments!

I used to take piano lessons, and there was a McDonald’s below the piano place I went to. After every single lesson, I wouldn’t leave until my mom bought me a McDonald’s vanilla cone. One day, she decided that I should buy my own vanilla cone.

Do you have any idea how terrifying it is for a 6 year old to buy her own ice cream for the first time?

The cone cost 50cents then and my mom gave me a dollar without specific instructions except to pass the coin to the “ice cream lady”. Happily (and nervously) I did. I took my cone, SUCCESS. Can I just say that I was so proud of myself? I beamed ‘thank you’, skipped away, and felt joy radiating from my every being like I’ve just conquered my greatest fears and I have something to boast about now… until the uncle behind me in the queue came running up with my change and everyone in queue started laughing *hides face*

If you could only drink one beverage (besides water) for the rest of your life, what would it be?

oh glorious Starbucks Green Tea Latte

What’s your favorite movie?

CATCHING FIRE IS THE BEST. I know I will love Mockingjay. I’ve been watching the trailers all day. There is no stopping this.

Fire is catching.

What were you in high school: prom queen, nerd, cheerleader, jock, valedictorian, band geek, loner, artist prep etc?

Everyone is unique in their own way, and thankfully my high school never expounded on these tropes.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

PC or Mac?


Last romantic gesture from a crush, date, boyfriend/girlfriend?


Favorite celeb?

I’m not a celebrity-fan kind of person, but I *may* be slightly partial towards Joshifer.

Which blogger do you secretly want to be best friends with?

Everyone!!! I’m greedy that way hehehe and obviously because all you people are rad.

And that’s the end of the ’20 things you probably didn’t know about me’ tag! Now it’s YOUR turn to spill :) I tag Emily @ Reverie Rhapsody, Sel @ Bookcase to Heaven, and anyone who wants to do this.

I’m curious, how would you have answered to these questions?


29 thoughts on “that ’20 things’ about me tag

  1. Hilarious answers Alicia! Oh I just love those Starbucks Green Tea Lattes <3 I totally laughed at those Karen gifs LOL! You're totally taller than me at my measly 158 cm. I seriously don't know anyone shorter than me in the book blogging world except for the Notebook Sister.

    • thank you, Jeann!! i’m a green tea addict, and starbucks + green tea is my match made in heaven <33 I THINK YOUR HEIGHT IS A SUPERPOWER. you're going to have a much better time sneaking into publishers' workspaces and "borrowing" manuscripts withheld from waiting, hungry, overeager readers out there. you could be the robin hood of the book blogging world! I WILL BE THE FIRST TO PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ

  2. “NUMBER ONE favorite non-fiction and fiction books?

    Non-fiction: Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

    *dies laughing* YES!!! I wouldn’t be able to answer that question either. Not without boring readers to tears with a post 30948209348023 pages long:) Also? I share your ability to make ice cream disappear. And chocolate. And cookies. My gift is ever-expanding you see. Can’t get it under control.

    This was such a fun post, thanks so much for sharing Alicia!

    • hehehe mission accomplished =) I’M SO EXCITED FOR MOCKINGJAY I CAN’T CONTAIN MYSELF!!! *BOUNCES AROUND* all the trailers and promo interviews that lionsgate’s been dropping these weeks <33

  3. It’s true. Jeann up there is so tiny that I could rest my drinks on her head. Then pop her in my pocket when I’m done. LOVED the selfie peeve. That’s one of mine too, with girls who clearly know they’re attractive, doll themselves up then add captions about how they’re tired and look horrible, or they’re ugly. Fishing for compliments is a complete turn off.

    I’ll admit, I’ve never actually set foot inside a Starbucks. I don’t have one near me, but I don’t drink fancy teas or coffee anyway. Clearly I’m weird.

    Thanks for sharing Alicia, loved your responses!

    • aww a friend of mine is really tiny and it’s crazy how much cuter petite people are. i’m jelly =) ughh i get sick everytime when i see those selfies, WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS. first of all, why are you measuring your self-worth by something a stranger does on the internet???

      starbucks is amazing i feel like there’s a need to quantum tunnel one to you right now! or airmail might be more normal, except it’s a tad bit too slow.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever had a Green tea latte. o.O Not too sure why not.

    Also. I’m sooo happy that CAPTCHA has gotten slightly better over the years. But just barely.

    Amber Elise @ Du Livre

    • I LOVE GREEN TEA AND I LOVE STARBUCKS GREEN TEA LATTE. it’s basically the only thing i know well enough in starbucks lol =P yep haven’t seen as much captcha these days but they still happen once in a while.. :/

      thank you so much for visiting!

  5. XDD I love this—ice cream, Karen, too many fiction books to count, CAPTCHA boxes… Oh yes, and ice cream. Because you can never have too much ice cream. Thanks for sharing a little bit about you, reading this kind of thing makes me smile. :D

  6. One can never have enough ice cream! Do bring me along when the next tub comes. And yes BLANK SPACE is so addictive to watch. I never know Taylor Swift was so good at acting! And Karen yes her ESPN. Miss Mean Girls so much now.

    • YOU need to start coming along when we go out for ice cream! ALWAYS WELCOME. Taylor Swift is a genius and I’m really excited for her next mv– they’re always crazier than the last. Mean Girls is da classic ;) thank you so much for visiting!!


    Sometimes I regret giving up caffeine and it’s always when I see people sipping on all their green tea goodness. I REMEMBER THAT DRINK TASTING SO DELECTABLE.

    I think we all just need to move to Hogwarts and build a community. We’d all be happy together.

    AND THE BLOGGER COMMENT SYSTEM IS THE WORST THING IT MAKES ME CRY. Sometimes I do this thing where I pour my heart and soul out into a comment and I don’t realise that I’m not “logged” in and when I post it, it disappears. And there’s no way to get my baby back. Omg. I don’t even want to think about that.

    Thanks for sharing Alicia! I adore this tag so much :D

    • THEY MAKE ME SICK. those people either have 1) distorted perceptions of beauty OR 2) a serious case of insecurity/needy. blergh.
      HAHAHA YES I COULD LIVE ON GREEN TEA! green tea latte is almost the *only* drink i take at starbucks, or at least it’s my staple. woop woop yes to hogwarts! to all those ppl who give us the side-eye… what do you take us for? MUGGLES?

      OMG REAL LIFE HORROR STORY. Blogger has eaten up so many of my painstakingly-typed out comments, I HAVE LEARNT MY LESSON. i always cntrl-c my comment before posting so even if it freaking disappears. phew. i still have it. Thank you for commenting, Jess!! <33

  8. Perfect gif usage, love it. Duck face photos are the bane of my existence, I see them on Facebook all the time. (Yet another reason to avoid Facebook, ha) And I’ve seen guys doing them too now!

    “I can make ice cream magically disappear from the fridge.” Oh yeah. One of my best talents right there. Okay, I’m pretty sure Blank Space is my new favorite thing, I can’t believe I haven’t heard it before. The music video is so awesome too.

    Oh my gosh, my first ordering experience was at McDonald’s too! Not sure how old I was (definitely under eight), and it was for a happy meal but still! And I still hold a grudge against my grandmother for forcing me to do that, she said that or I wasn’t going to get food. Isn’t that cruel? xD

    • o_o you don’t use facebook!!? i mean, i have one that i don’t use often but i thought facebook was social media staple hahaha. duck faces are everywhere ughh makes me sick sick sick *ducks* (heh… see? see what i did there? Okay…okay never mind.)

      YEP making ice cream magically disappear should be the first lesson in hogwarts. i’m writing in to the headmaster. I LOVE BLANK SPACE!! taylor’s music videos just get weirder, more addictive and so on point. what’s your favourite line? mine’s definitely “cos darlin’ i’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream” ;)

      HAHAHA THIS FIRST-TIME-AT-MCDONALD’S THING IS ACTUALLY A THING xD i feel ya, i feel ya. it was simultaneously the best and worst memory i had of my childhood.

  9. OMG CAPTCHA IS THE FREAKING SPAWN OF SATAN. I freaking hate it when a blogger has it…
    I really dislike the Blogger commenting system as well, which is why I switched to IntenseDebate (which is apparently a lot better for WP users). I dislike how the Blogger system doesn’t notify you when you get replies to your comments- or I guess it does, but then you have to subscribe to the entire feed, which is annoying.

    OH MAN. I JUST WENT AND SAW MOCKINGJAY TODAY AND HOOOOLY GUACAMOLE IT IS EPIC. Not as much action as Catching Fire, obviously, but amazing buildup for the last movie! And, seriously, dem feels.

    • whenever i encounter captcha i feel the need to write in my comment “P.S. WHY ARE YOU STILL USING CAPTCHA????” but that’s not the nicest thing to do. well. intensedebate is one of my preferred commenting system yay! =) much sleeker and convenient and i love receiving reply notification too- that’s the whole point of leaving a comment!!



      okay. okay. i’m fine. really.

      nope i’m not.

      not ready for mockingjay nope nope nope.

  10. I just found your blog, or you just found mine, so it was nice learning more about you. :)

    I totally agree on your blogging pet peeve. I write my comments on notepad and copy them over, because I write novels and I’ve lost them too many times.

    Also, now I’m having a craving for ice cream.

    • i LOVE how you put it that way =) nice to meet you!!

      yeah somedays i’ve learnt to cntrl-c on my comment every so often if i intend to leave a long comment. just in case Blogger comment system proves itself untrustworthy (yet again).

      GO GO GO HAVE SOME ICE-CREAM! or alternatively, you could send some to me so you won’t be craving! ^^ (kidding hahaha)

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