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guess who’s the real badass and her cousin

Before I launch into the routine introduction of why I started my blog, let’s spice things up with some secrets.

Things you probably didn’t know about me:fancy reading

1. hi i’m alicia! you probably knew that but what you don’t know is that alicia isn’t my name.

2. i’m conservative with what i post on the internet, and it took quite some deliberation before i decided that it’s extremely necessary to post my 2-year-old photo. Just so we can say hi on the streets and then go out for a drink! (juice only)

3. i absolutely adore capslock and i decided to kill myself by typing my about page in small letters.

4. I give up!! You grammar and spelling nazis were going to clobber me, weren’t you?

5. As much as it’s awkward for a english book blogger to admit, my english reading history is short and uneventful compared to voracious readers out there on the globe. I only started falling in love with english novels in… 2012? Before that I had zero clue, I didn’t even know who Harry Potter was! I’m a singaporean-born chinese with chinese parents who aren’t fluent in english, which means I grew up in a very chinese environment. In fact, my first “wordy” book was 西游记 (Journey to the West by Wu Cheng’en)… and I haven’t finished it! I still love to read some chinese books once in a while from 金庸 (Jin Yong) or 橘子 or 明晓溪 or some other chinese online writers.

6. I guess #5 explains why I especially love reading english books from non-white authors, it’s like stumbling across a home you never knew you had. WEIRD ANALOGY.

7. Yep, my brain draws connections in a way no one but my brain understands so I may or may not throw weird analogies / metaphors / similes / descriptive devices in your direction sometimes. It’s fine I don’t understand them either.

8. Twilight got me reading YA, and The Hunger Games got this blog started.


about noverly things


I don’t mean to sound nebulous when I say this blog started out of my undying irrevocable love for the written word, but that’s part of the truth. Yes, I love books and I write about them. And write about them. And write about them. And write about them. (The other part of the truth is that I’m a major procrastinator and writing this blog is the best excuse to my conscience for not starting my humanities essay. I’m bettering the world here on this blog, I’m a book evangelist!).

I hope the above “about alicia” has been helpful with the getting-to-know each other part, I think that’s really important in any discussion. At least now you understand where some of my cultural systems and assumptions come from! I’d love to get to know you guys, so we can sit down, prep some tea, and get this conversation going, especially one about books and things that touch the deepest parts of our humanity. (I’m trying REALLY hard to procrastinate now)

The basline: Noverly Things is a young adult book blog. Here, we appreciate quality books. I hate it when people automatically dismiss YA as “childish”; Just because YA is books aimed at teenagers doesn’t mean it’s shallow. However, Noverly Things is no NYT or The Economist, we have critics AND fun because it’s not worth it if it’s no fun. CAPSLOCK and FLAILING much appreciated.

No reader reads the same book, so feel free to share your thoughts with the rest of the community! It is definitely not a place for ME to lecture YOU, it’s not a place for book-bashing or author-bashing. I may not only talk about YA books, and you may go ahead to disagree with what I say as long as we maintain a healthy love for reading and books and everything else.

Disclaimer: Book covers and images on this blog do not belong to me unless otherwise stated.



11 thoughts on “about

  1. Oh my god! Sorry, but I just read this and felt the need to share with you that I also started my blog right after reading The Hunger Games…because, as you said, it was that great!! (Hope you don’t mind comments on your “About” page…I know some bloggers don’t like that, so my apologies if you are one). :)

    • HAHAHA I won’t mind at all! You don’t know how happy I am that you’ll share this information with me because… THG-LOVERS-UNITE (Y) I guess Hunger Games just has that effect on people, you’ll be so amazed you cannot believe anyone else hasn’t read it and loved it yet… so you HAVE TO start a book blog and shout out all that love :D

  2. I love The Hunger Games! I’ve tried to start a blog, but I’m not good with the designing, so I gave it up but I still write all my books reviews in a notebook. I read The Hunger Games late 2011 after I saw the movie trailer and it was amazing! It was my first proper obsession, and fandom. I love this blog, it’s my favourite blog! Have you ever read The Diary of A Young Girl by Anne Frank?

    • I LOVE HUNGER GAMES MORE THAN WORDS CAN EXPRESS!! <3 It's my first book obsession too, I can still remember how I squealed in the dorm and woke up all my roommates just to spazz over Katnisss, Peeta, Gale, Cinna, Finnick…

      I'm not very good with blog designing as well– finding for a suitable theme took me hours!! It'll be awesome if you could share your reviews, maybe Goodreads? I've read The Diary of A Young Girl by Anne Frank some years back and it was my first autobiography, and first insight to a girl's life in war :')

      • I know! They’re the most amazing, powerful books! haha! I remember my mum coming into my room and telling me to go to sleep because I’d be up really late reading them! I have to read them again soon! I’d love to! I just posted on your recent post with some of the books I have to read (: have you ever read any books by Emily Rodda? Same with me! I’m loving it so far, it’s something I’m really interested in so it’s splendid!

      • THG is amazing, the only reason I didn’t do a review on all 3 of them is because hasn’t everyone read them? Read diary of anne frank a year ago, the first history related book I read and liked! :O

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  4. Omg Alicia!! I just found out that you moved blogs haha! My first impression of this blog is that it has a very clean, neat interface. And you’ve got the cute buttons at the bottom of each blog! Love that haha! So excited to hear more from you here! Oh ya, I’m wondering if you have read Heir of Fire, the third book in the Throne of Glass series. You should totally do a review on that! xoxo, ade

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