odds and ends: starting a book blog?

Hi! Finally cleared my blog email inbox today, and I found 2 really sweet emails from you guys!! *does awkward happy dance* I’ll be embarrassed to admit the number of times I read and reread them. Blogging can be an emotionally draining hobby, it’s the people (and arguably, books) who motivate me to keep writing, thank […]

bookworm in taiwan

HELLO. HI. I’M BACK FROM TAIWAN!!! =D Who: Myself, 25 classmates, 2 teachers, and a lovable tour guide What: Taiwan Creative Writing Immersion Programme When: November 9-22 Where: TAIWAN!!! Taipei mostly. Why: Umm, have fun, mingle in a new city, observe a different way of life! SO MANY THINGS happened in the past 2 weeks. […]

August 2013 Craves and Faves!

HELLO! I feel like I’ve been gone for a very long time and… OKAY, yes I have… Because August was The Month of ENDLESS BOOK RELATED TRAILER RELEASES!! Mortal Instruments, Divergent, Percy Jackson, Catching Fire… I was shamelessly drooling over the trailers, replaying them 384323094 times and jumping around the place like a caffeinated kangaroo. :]

may in rewind 2013

Even though I couldn’t go to BEA *sobsnifflecry*, May had some of my BEST BEST BEST moments of 2013!! It’s only my first month back at blogging and already, I can feel that bookish passion in the blogosphere. With exams over and holidays around the corner… What can I say? ;)